Outdoor Entertaining on Its Way Out? Really???!!!!

StarTribune says outdoor hangouts; home theaters losing their luster.


I’ll admit that multipurpose rooms are on the rise. The idea of using one room to entertain, watch movies, read, and relax, makes a lot more sense than designing a room dedicated to each individual activity.

Still, there are plenty of custom electronics (CE) pros and budget-minded homeowners building rooms designed expressly for big-screen movie viewing. I know, I’ve been asking. According to the countless CE pros I talk to at trade shows, home tours and during telephone interviews, home theaters are still hot.

Another “luxury” item the StarTribune states as a dying breed is the outdoor kitchen. Ummmm. Really?! If people aren’t entertaining outside as much, then why on earth would SunBriteTV plan to launch an entire new line of outdoor TVs this spring? The company expects at least a 200 percent increase in volume in 2012 over 2011. I can’t imagine an outdoor kitchen without a TV nearby.

Finally, among other things, the StarTribune says luxury bathrooms are out. Don’t think so. We see lots of high tech homes in coverage of technology, and nearly all have a bathroom that’s tricked out with mirror TVs, speakers (sometimes in the shower) and touchpanels that let its occupants see what’s happening elsewhere in the house. Luxury bathrooms are totally in.
So, sorry StarTribune. We think you’re really, really wrong.

For examples of great outdoor audio/video systems, check out the 2011 Home of the Year Winners outdoor category here.


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