Optoma Pumps Out a Pair of Portable Projectors

Both the W304M and X304M include 3D support, TI's latest chip, and prices under $850.


The W304M (top) and X304M (bottom).

It’s getting warmer, which typically means you have to put the kibosh on spending so much time watching movies indoors. However, if you’re willing to get a little creative, you can make your movie addiction into something incredibly outdoorsy.

Optoma is helping to make your big-screen dreams under the stars into a reality. The company just launched a pair of new projectors, designed for portable use.

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Now it’s important to note that the new W304M and the X304M are really designed for business travelers. However, with a little love and just a few minutes of time, you can easily set one of these up right in your backyard.

Weighing in at approximately 3.3 pounds each, both of the new projectors feature 3D support, Texas Instruments’ latest DLP chipset, TI’s BrilliantColor2 technology, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and an integrated speaker. The WXGA W304M has a resolution of 1280-by-800 with 3,100 lumens of brightness, with the XGA X304M packing in a 1024-by-768 resolution and 3,000 lumens.

“Mobility is not an acceptable excuse for sub-par performance or feature limitations,” said Jon Grodem, Optoma’s senior director of product and marketing. “These new projectors put superior performance and portability back in the same sentence.”

Optoma is selling both the W304M and the X304M now, priced at $849 each.


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