Optoma Prices GT750 3D Projector at $799

With a price tag well below $1,000, Optoma's new GT750 projector can reproduce 3D graphics from gaming systems and Blu-ray disc players.


Optoma is one of a handful of projector companies that have embraced the gaming category. Adding to its gaming oriented line of products, the company recently added its fourth GameTime product to its series of multipurpose projectors.

The newly launched GT750 projector is priced at just $799. Optoma says the projector is compatible with all the industry’s current gaming formats and standards, including 3D. The company also says that the Texas Instruments’ DLP-based projector offers users a native 1280 x 720 HD resolution and incorporates HDMI 1.4a inputs to accommodate 3D sources, such as Blu-ray 3D.

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The projector is rated to produce as many as 2,500 Lumens, and in a business or computer-based environment, the GT750 can reproduce graphics from Apple and PC computers.


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