Optoma Designs NuForce MCA20 Multi-Channel Amplifier for Music and Home Theater

This multi-channel multitasker packs eight channels of NuForce sound into a compact package.


Optoma is pretty well known for putting out a line of awesome home theater projectors. However, they have plenty of love for the audio side as well, through the NuForce product line. The latest in that lineup is the MCA20, a multi-channel power amplifier for a killer audio and video experience.

Designed to please your inner-audiophile, the MCA20 amplifier offers eight channels of NuForce sound. Promising 278 watts into 4-ohms per channel, the component includes eight RCA connections, eight five-way binding posts, and more. It also boasts a 400kHz PWM switching frequency, which constantly adjusts to the input signal, output current demands, and loudspeaker impedance variations.

So yes, it’s made to deliver killer audio, but the company is hoping that you’ll put that audio to use in your home theater setup. And why not? This one compact component promises to deliver lifelike sound from a variety of different tracks, all with a perfect balance.

“The addition of the MCA20 power amp truly rounds out our home cinema offerings,” said Jon Grodem, senior director of product management. “Now we can satisfy our customer’s high-quality visual needs as well as their audio needs. This device has more than enough power for any home user or audiophile to experience unparalleled sound while watching television shows, sporting events, movies or even playing games.”

Optoma will start shipping the NuForce MCA20 sometime this month, with an MSRP of $1,999.


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