Oppo Blu-ray Player Earns Consumer Reports Top Kudos

Oppo Blu-ray players have long been held in high regard by home theater enthusiasts. The latest Oppo BDP-103 recently got a thumbs-up from Consumer Reports.

The magazine’s newest Blu-ray player ratings includes more than 30 models. Among them the Oppo BDP-103 received a top rating for performance.

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Says Consumer Reports:

If you’re an audiophile or videophile looking for state-of-the-art performance, our top-rated player—the Oppo BDP-103—is a pricier ($500) model built like a tank and loaded with high-end features, including 4K upscaling (for use with new Ultra HD TVs) and the ability to play discs of all types, including higher-resolution DVD-Audio and SACD audio discs. It also features 7.1-channel analog outputs, plus an MHL-enabled HDMI input that lets you play content from an Android smart phone connected via an optional MHL cable.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the 3D BDP-103 includes a selection of online video and audio streaming services.

Electronic House reviewed the very similar Oppo BDP-105 and also found it to be a superior performer. You can read that review here.


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