Opalum Breezes into CEDIA 2013 with BREEZE.1010 Speakers

The new on-wall speaker has high-density felt faceplates that are user-changeable.

It’s not always easy to match your speakers to your room’s decor. Now, Opalum USA is making it a breeze, thanks to the newly announced BREEZE.1010 speakers.

Based on Opalum’s FLOW.1010 speaker, this new option offers interchangeable high-density felt faceplates. That way, you can make the speaker match your room or your mood. It ships with a standard gray color (pictured), with lime green, magenta, and melange white options also available. According to Opalum, the color change can be done without tools, in less than a minute.

On the inside, each of the BREEZE.1010 speakers has 10 pieces of 2-inch drivers configured in an array. One of the drivers is used as a tweeter, with the other nine used as woofers, in groups of three.

Powered by the company’s own Actiline technology, each speaker receives a digital signal through the speaker cable. From there, the signal is heavily processed, amplified, and sent to the 10 drivers.

Each BREEZE.1010 speaker also has four dedicated High PSRR Closed-loop Class D amplifiers and are configured to deliver 20 watts to the single tweeter and 3 x 20 watts to each of the woofer groups. All of that translates into 160 watts for a single BREEZE.1010 system.

Other features include a crossover frequency of 2kHz, the option to mount vertical or horizontal, and CD-quality wireless streaming via Bluetooth aptX.

Opalum is currently showing off the BREEZE.1010 speaker at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado. The company has yet to announce the speaker’s pricing or availability.

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