Onkyo Perfectly Pairs 2 New Speakers with the TV

The LS-B50 Soundbar System and LS-T10 TV Speaker System are designed for areas where you don't want a receiver.

Onkyo's LS-T10 TV Speaker System.

The receiver really is the cornerstone of a great AV system. Well, some people don’t really want a great AV system. However, just because you don’t have a room filled with speakers doesn’t mean that you have to totally skimp on sound.

Onkyo has just created two separate options for that smaller setup. As part of the company’s Envision Cinema line, the LS-B50 Soundbar System and LS-T10 TV Speaker System both promise multichannel sound with DSP technology — and all via a one-cable installation process.

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These new speakers have a few other interesting features. First of all, both are designed to work with nine major TV brands, so you don’t have to add another remote in the mix. This perk is something that’s also available on Onkyo’s initial Envision Cinema offering, the LS-3100. The LS-B50 and LS-T10 also include USB ports and support for streaming Bluetooth.

If you want to get specific about each model, the LS-B50 packs in six full-range drivers, two ring-radiator tweeters and a separate wireless subwoofer. The LF-T10 has six full-range drivers, an integrated subwoofer and a subwoofer pre-out, all packed into a speaker that’s designed to slip neatly underneath the television base.

Other features include a six-channel digital amplifier with AuraSphere DSP, PCM and Dolby support, and sound modes for News, Movies and Music.

Onkyo plans to start shipping the LS-B50 and LS-T10 sometime in September, with prices of $699 and $499, respectively. Wall-mounting kits and IR flashers are also available.

Onkyo’s LS-B50 soundbar package.

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