Onkyo Adds MP3tunes Cloud Storage to AV Receivers

The new add-on service will allow subscribers to store about 400 songs for free.


Onkyo is cranking up its 2012 receivers with cloud storage. The company just announced plans to partner with MP3tunes.com, meaning that Onkyo owners can access the service’s cloud-based Locker.

That Locker provides up to 2GB of music storage absolutely free. Once your music is in the cloud, it can be streamed directly to any of the company’s 2012 network-capable receivers.

That 2GB should hold about 400 of your favorite songs. If that type of storage isn’t going to cut it, there are fee-based accounts, which start at $39.95 per year for 50GB.

According to Onkyo, they are the first brand to add MP3tunes into the receiver mix.

“MP3tunes Locker is an easy and secure means to maintain this data, while providing easy access through an Onkyo receiver, computer, smartphone, or any of the many network capable devices that support MP3tunes,” says Paul Wasek, Onkyo’s national marketing and product planning manager.

Onkyo plans to add MP3Tunes capabilities as a standard feature on new Onkyo network-capable receivers starting in the first quarter of 2012.


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