Omnimount PJT40 Ceiling Projector Mount Helps Straighten Your Home Theater’s Picture

Home theater projection installation made easier with Omnimount's new ceiling projector mount.

Omnimount’s new PJT40 home theater projector mount could be a big time saver the next time you sling a projector on the ceiling.

Ok, I’ll get this out of the way—mounts are boring. Lots of things are boring, like shoelaces, but we have to suffer them anyway because they’re necessary and they help keep our sneakers from falling off. The PJT40 is awesome shoelaces.

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As someone who’s bolted more than a couple projectors to the ceiling over the years I can assure you that many are a pain, and some seem to have been designed by people who have quite liberal understandings of words like “universal” and “quick.” Omnimount’s new PJT40 home theater projector mount looks like it was made by people who’ve done this sort of thing before and want to get it right.

What makes it different? It’s got some jingoistic patent-pending things like MicroDial and QuickLock, but beyond words, it was designed to work pretty much out of the box on most standard-sized projectors without an Erector Set collection of arms, spacers, clamps and other doo-dads that get lost on the floor. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

The best part is the turnbuckle (that’s the MicroDial I think) things that let you make fine adjustments (+/- 16.5 degrees pitch and roll) to the position of the projector after it’s attached to the ceiling. A lot of picture quality can be lost by a poorly aimed projector (especially if you resort to keystone correction to compensate), so a mount that lets you easily get the perfect aim can not only save you time, it gives you a better picture.

The only downside I see here it the “unique penta-shape” tool it uses instead of a standard hex key (Allen wrench). If you lose it… well, don’t.

The Omnimount PJT40 sells for $179.

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