OmniMount Introduces TV Mounts for the Active Lifestyle

OmniMount says that the ActionMount series can offer an interactive experience.


Some TV mounts can tilt and swivel. However, OmniMount is giving the mount a makeover with its new ActionMount line.

Designed for active lifestyles, the new trio of TV mounts offers a full range of motion. That basically means that users can raise the TV up to 21 inches or lower it 21 inches. That makes this mount perfect for activities such as gaming, exercise, 3D and even group viewing.

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Designed and engineered in the USA, the ActionMount series includes a total of three mounts. The PLAY20 and PLAY20X can fit TVs up to 32 inches and 20 pounds, offering up to 15 inches of vertical and horizontal adjustment. The PLAY20X also comes with a 9-inch arm extension. The PLAY40 can hold TVs that are 60 inches and beyond, up to 40 pounds. This is the one that offers the widest range, with up to 21 inches of vertical and horizontal movement.

All three mounts also have post-installation leveling, tilt and pan, and cable management.

“Traditional mounting solutions focus on getting TVs off of furniture and mounted to the wall, but with limited motion and technology. While in previous years this has served the market well, it doesn’t address the way people interact with their TVs today,” says John Deutsch, OmniMount’s senior VP of NA sales. “The ActionMount PLAY products address modern day multi-purpose TV use. The ease of movement encourages more interaction than ever before, like interactive gaming and exercising, resulting in a healthier lifestyle.”

OmniMount says that the PLAY20, PLAY20X and PLAY40 will start shipping this month. Expect to see MSRPs of $129.95, $149.95 and $299.95, respectively. If you want a little more info, check out the ActionMount demo below.


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