Omnimount ActionMount PLAY Series Offers Nearly Unlimited Movement

If you don't like where the TV is positioned, just nudge it a little.


Do you ever sit and look at your TV and wish you could move it a few inches to the left, just for a little while? Maybe you want to lower it while the kids are sitting on the floor playing video games or raise it higher when your friends’ rowdy children come over. All that is possible with a new line of flat panel display mounts from Omnimount.

The company’s new ActionMount PLAY line, which they call “interactive” offers side and height motion flexibility after they’re installed, so you can move the TV around whenever you want. The motions include – lift, lower, expand, retract, rotate and pan, and are made possible through Ergotron’s Constant Force technology, which adds a counterbalance to any motion allowing users to reposition the TV with only a light touch. They come in both single- and double-joint arm mounts.

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The new mounts aren’t available yet, but will be officially revealed next month at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Here’s a little video Omnimount produced to help explain the concept:


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