OMA Believes It Can Fly via Butterfly Speakers

The Monarch features two 15-inch woofers and a 104dB efficiency.


There are a lot of gorgeous looking speakers with sound to match. Some soar to new highs and lows. Others, just look like they can soar across the room. If that’s a priority, you may have a match in the OMA Monarch.

Designed to look like a big wooden butterfly, Born Rich says that these babies come packing two 15-inch woofers on an aluminum tube, and a 104dB efficiency rating.

The Monarch also features a proprietary cast aluminum alloy horn and compression driver for midrange and high frequencies. Also, that unique look isn’t just for show (well, mostly). The company says that the large solid wood baffles help load the woofers, all while making them easy to place.

If you’re buying giant butterfly speakers, we’re guessing you want to place them front and center. OMA hasn’t announced pricing, but for that sort of display, we’d expect to pay plenty. At least you can choose your favorite wood types and finishes.


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