Olive Audiophile Music Servers Now at Magnolia

Unfortunately they're only in California, Washington, Texas and Georgia


Model O3HD is $999

The O3HD, O4HD and O6H systems, once primarily available online, can now be found at some of Best Buy’s Magnolia Audio Video and Magnolia Design locations.

Over the past few years it seems that high-end dedicated music servers have lost some of their shine. This has largely been due to the ease of music streaming services, and of course the iPod family. Olive, a company that makes a handful of hard-drive based single-room music servers (the O2HD is a multiroom system, but not available from Magnolia) has been targeting the enthusiast community by stuffing their products with high-end components, quality DACs and support of lossless codecs.

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Previously available only directly from Olive, the company’s products can now be found at select Magnolia locations in California, Washington, Texas, and Georgia.

I can’t say it’s a big surprise to hear that Olive is expanding into retail dealers. The company’s new VP of sales, Stephen Baker was an executive at D&M and former US president of Denon before moving to Olive.

Update: Olive was previously available at a handful of independent dealers including Ensemble and Listen Up,

I’ve spent some time with Olive products, and they’re sweet systems to be sure. They support 24-bit/192 Khz files and feature large storage capacities up to 2TB. You can control them with the buttons and color screen built right in or with an iOS app on your phone or tablet.

Olive players use a sound processing technology the company calls HD SoundScaler technology, which Olive says improves audio quality with a combination of up-/ oversampling and noise-shaping technologies.

If you’re interesting in trying one out, you can arrange a personal listening session by visiting www.OliveHD.com/Magnolia.

Model O6HD is $4,999

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