Octane 120 Beer Arcade Combines 2 of Our Favorite Things

Dream Arcades combines a gaming PC and a beer tap for the ultimate Father's Day gift.


What’s better than beer and the thrill of an arcade? A Beer Arcade — duh!

A company named Dream Arcades has combined two of our favorite things into the Octane 120 Beer Arcade. This great little innovation combines a gaming PC, sit-in controls, and a beer tap.

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Dream Arcades says that each unit is custom-made and comes with a dozen driving sims and an HD projector for wall display. To top it (or you) off, the setup can hold two 5-gallon kegs or a half-barrel, which runs to an in-dash beer tap right above your cupholder. That way, you can pour while you play!

It should also be a pretty a comfortable ride, with a fully adjustable steering wheel and seat, dual motor force feedback and variable resistance on the pedals.

We really don’t want to encourage drinking while driving, but we encourage Dream Arcades to add a straw into this thing. After all, it’s the least they could do for $6,000.


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