NuForce Promises CD-Quality Streaming with BTR-100 Bluetooth Receiver

The new digital receiver acts as a middleman between a portable and your home stereo.

With so much audio available through those smartphones and tablets, you’re probably going to want to share at some point. Of course, we’re not talking about sharing with friends, but with your home theater setup. Now, how can you get the audio from one device to other?

NuForce just introduced the latest option, the BTR-100 Bluetooth Receiver. This compact box promises to stream CD-quality audio directly to any connected home stereo.

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It achieves that kind of quality by using aptX-enabled Bluetooth technology and direct optical connectivity. Designed to work up to 30 feet away, the BTR-100 also has an analog output.

NuForce is selling the BTR-100 now, with an MSRP of $69.

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