NuForce Amp/Dac Pumps Up the Power of Streaming Devices

NuForce's new Dia all-in-one amplifier features a 24bit/192kHz D/A converter and 24-watt stereo amplifier.


Some people don’t want a complicated A/V setup. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer with scary audio. NuForce can add a little oomph to that simple A/V setup, with the Dia digital audio converter (DAC) and amplifier.

This newly announced combo product is designed for those wanting high-quality audio from A/V components, such as a TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, Apple’s AirPort Express, the Apple TV, and more.

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According to NuForce, quality doesn’t have to be complicated. Just plug electronics directly into the Dia through optical or coaxial digital inputs. From there, the Dia uses its 24-watt stereo power amplifier and audiophile-grade sound card to drive audio to your existing speakers and subwoofer, boasting the ultimate 2.1 stereo experience.

“We developed Dia out of my own personal frustration after I purchased an Apple TV and realized that there was no affordable and easy-to-use audiophile-grade digital amplifier solution,” said Jason Lim, NuForce’s CEO. “Dia is an answer for consumers that want phenomenal sound from the devices they already own without breaking the bank.”

NuForce says that the Dia offers a variety of setup options. Boasting a maximum sampling rate of 192kHz and 24-bit resolution, the Dia features two Toslink inputs, an RCA coaxial input, and a line out for a subwoofer connection.

The NuForce Dia is available now for $299, and comes packing an IR remote, a silicon stand, and a power supply.


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