NuForce Adds STA-100 Amp to Reference Lineup

The company's compact, audiophile-grade power amp is now shipping.


NuForce is putting a lot of power into a super-teeny package. The company just debuted its STA-100 power amplifier. It promises audiophile-grade sound and switching in a compact package for a mere $695.

Designed to deliver all of the highs and lows of your audio collection, the STA-100 has a Class-D design and cranks 160 watts per channel. Other features include proprietary feedback circuitry and a 400 kHz PWM switching frequency.

Of course, NuForce designed the STA-100 to be paired with other products in the company’s Home Reference Series, such as the NuForce DAC-100 digital-to-analog converter and HAP-100 preamplifier/headphone amp. However, you can have the NuForce STA-100 now, which is selling for $695.

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