Niles Debuts CM4PR Ceiling-Mounted Speaker

The new CM4PR promises audiophile-grade performance from a 4-inch footprint.


Ceiling speakers can get sort of tricky. Of course, it’s nice to have that angle for sound, and they are out of the way. However, you probably don’t want a big eyesore hanging from above. To make things nice and neat, Niles has just announced the CM4PR.

The CM4PR is actually the company’s first-ever compact ceiling mount loudspeaker. Designed to put sound into unobtrusive areas, this solution promises audiophile-grade performance from a mere 4-inch footprint.

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“With a depth of less than four inches and a Rear Wave Enclosure that stops sound from bleeding into other rooms, the CM4PR brings superior quality audio to places that were once inaccessible and completes our full line of application-specific CM Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers,” said Niles President Mike “Sparky” Detmer.

The 4-inch CM4PR includes Niles Rear Wave Control and magnetically attached MicroThin speaker grilles, which are easy to clean and practically invisible in any room. Optional square grilles are also available. Niles also says that these grilles are rust-resistent, which makes them perfect for moisture-prone areas, such as the bathroom or even in certain outdoor situations.

On the inside, the CM4PR has a rigid mineral-filled polypropylene cone and a 1-inch fluid-cooled Teteron dome tweeter. Niles has rated this unit with a frequency response of 70Hz-21kHz, and suggests that it be used with an amplifier that provides 25to 100 watts.

Sold individually, the Niles CM4PR is available now for $224.95 each.


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