Nielsen: Kids Love Technology Too!

A new Nielsen report says that kids are looking forward to a high-tech holiday.


How many of your electronic items currently have crayon, peanut butter and/or some other unidentifiable stickiness? We’re not surprised.

According to a new Nielsen report, kids love gadgets as much as adults. If fact, a lot of them are looking forward to a high-tech holiday haul. Get the hint, Santa!

The iPad seems to be on a lot of wishlists this year, with 44 percent of kids 6 through 12 hoping to see Apple’s popular tablet under the tree. These numbers are up 31 percent from last year. If the iPad is too big for Santa’s sleigh, 30 percent wouldn’t mind getting an iPod touch, with 27 percent wanting the iPhone — and presumably some type of data plan. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Besides Apple, gaming remains to be at the top of wishlists. About 25 percent of kids want the Nintendo 3DS, with 23 percent hoping for the Kinect for Xbox 360. If retailers get a rush on either item, it seems that the older Nintendo DS is still an acceptable gift (22 percent), with kids also willing to take the PlayStation 3 (17 percent), Xbox 360 (16 percent), or Nintendo Wii (11 percent).

While the above numbers aren’t that surprising, the same report says that 15 percent of kids ages 6 through 12 are hoping for a Blu-ray player, with 20 percent wanting a TV. Ah, your influence at work!

For more information on the survey, check out Nielsen Wire. [Thanks to for the tip!]


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