NHT Announces $199 SuperPower Speaker

NHT's mini speaker is designed to work with smartphones, home entertainment systems, and more.


NHT is the latest company looking to buddy up to the iPod. The company just announced SuperPower, a compact speaker designed to work with all of your digitally connected devices.

The list of possible companions includes the iPod, as well as the iPhone, iPad and other smartphones and tablets. NHT says it also pairs up nicely with video games, electronic musical instruments, computers, and yes, even your home entertainment system.

Modeled after the company’s SuperZero 2.0 and M-00 (“moo”), the SuperPower has a 4.5-inch long-throw woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter. Both are acoustically suspended in a slick, sealed box.

Of course, the SuperPower has plenty of other superpowers. Each speaker has its own 90-watt power amplifier, which boasts over 90-percent efficiency in standby mode. That comes out to less electricity than a D-cell battery! The amp joins a custom pre-amp circuit designed for bass extension (to 72Hz) and additional SPL (over 111dB @1 meter).

“Our goal wasn’t to build a better pair of powered speakers, it was to make an integrated system as good as the best receiver/bookshelf speaker packages — and it embarrasses most of them,” says John Johnsen, NHT’s partner and marketing/sales executive.

NHT is pricing the SuperPower at $199 each, but you may want to save some of that AV budget for a few add-ons. A SuperPower DeskStand will also be available, for $59 per pair. If you’re looking to round out the system, NHT suggests the Super 8 subwoofer, which is available now for $299. Last, but certainly not least, the company has the PVC PC, a passive volume control interface. Promising to isolate computer-generated noise and put volume control at your fingertips, the PVC PC is priced at $99.


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