New Video Projector Remains Completely Invisible

Designed to stay in the ceiling or in the wall, it goes unnoticed in media rooms.


No matter how you slice it, video projectors are hard to hide. Custom electronics (CE) professionals are able to conceal them, but by building special housings or integrating motorized lifting mechanisms that lower the unit from the ceiling. Responding to the needs of homeowners who would like a cinematic experience without ever seeing the projector or having to construct something special, Display Development introduced at the CEDIA Expo this week in Indianapolis a specially designed model that can be tucked behind a wall or mounted permanently in the ceiling.

The new IC Series high definition projection systems are dual lamp, three-chip DLP projectors designed to offer superior television and film experiences in all types of lighting environments. By using a high performance motorized mirror system, the new IC Series projection systems–consisting of the IC-3 and IC-4 models–are designed to eliminate the obtrusive presence of a bulky projection chassis mounted on the ceiling of a living space. The new projection systems also eliminate heat and noise typical of operating conventional ceiling-mounted projectors. “Think of the IC system as a kind of upside down periscope,” says Jim Burns, president of Display Development. “The projector remains stationary in the ceiling [or wall] which means it is always hidden and silent. When the system is turned on only the optical portion of the system is lowered into the room. By using a secondary mirror our system can add up to an additional five feet of projector offset leading to even more projector placement flexibility and isolation. This system will even work when installed in a vaulted ceiling.”

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The IC Series feature Display Development’s Smart Cooling system, which ensures that the projector won’t overheat inside a confined space.


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