New Savant Remote Programs Itself

Self-configuring remote well suited for media rooms.

Savant System’s Apple-based operating system makes its control system perfectly suited to be monitored, managed and operated from iOS smartphones and tablets. It’s an approach that’s won over custom electronics installers and homeowners, alike. But there are times when you yearn for the feel of a hard-buttoned handheld remote, like when you’re channel surfing, for example.

Savant added a universal remote to its portfolio of products, which in addition to backlit buttons (35 buttons total) features a 1.7-inch customizable color display and uses Wi-Fi to communicate with devices on the Savant home control network. And like Savant’s other user interface options, the remote is self-configuring, which means once it’s connected to the network, the essential commands for operating the A/V gear, lights, thermostats, etc. appear on the screen.

Of course, accidents happen, so if this new remote gets lost or damaged, no programming is required to activate a replacement remote. After the new remote is logged onto the network full functionality is automatically restored. The Savant Universal Remote will be available in October for $499 which includes a charging dock.

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