New Philips HDTVs Can Access Cloud Games

The 4000 and 5000 TV series will also feature on-screen access to Netflix, VUDU, Facebook, and much more.


Philips wants to make a little room in your AV cabinet. Instead of having separate boxes for all of your added entertainment, P&F is putting streaming set-top and gaming functions into its new Philips 4000 and 5000 television series.

The gaming aspect actually comes courtesy of ActiveVideo Networks and their CloudTV platform. Choose between games such as Sudoku, Club 21, Mummy Maze or High Stakes Hold ‘Em, and play solo, versus a family member, or against someone thousands of miles away. Games are streamed as MPEG files, and can be controlled via the included remote.

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Other web-based features include on-screen access to NetTV, which includes services such as Netflix, VUDU, Facebook, Film Fresh, Pandora, Twitter, and more. Additional musical options are available through V-tuner Internet radio. All content is accessible via built-in Wi-Fi support.

Both lines also feature Philips MediaConnect, which allows owners to wirelessly connect the TV and the PC, for access to movies, photos, social networking, and much more. It’s like having the PC right on your TV, with the web being just one click away.

If the new features are part of the current 4000 and 5000 Series, that would mean a whole lot of TVs. According to the Philips website, the 4000 Series features a total of six screen sizes, ranging from 19 to 55 inches. The 5000 Series offers another 10 screen sizes, from 40 to 55 inches. Models that are 40 inches and up offer a full 1080p HD image, four HDMI inputs, and one USB port.


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