New Onkyo Receivers Get Silicon Image InstaPrevue and MHL

Onkyo will demonstrate the enhanced A/V components at next month's Consumer Electronics Show.


Christmas is right around the corner, but Onkyo is already thinking ahead to the New Year — and next month’s Consumer Electronics Show. The company just announced a little show preview, teasing some of its new A/V receivers.

According to the announcement, Onkyo is working with Silicon Image to deliver the world’s first receivers with SI’s InstaPrevue and MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) technologies.

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So what exactly does that mean to you? InstaPrevue allows for a live picture-in-picture preview of HDMI and MHL inputs connected to the receiver That way, you can switch between a Blu-ray player, game console or other MHL-enabled connected devices. You won’t need to cycle through inputs or text-based menus, such as HDMI1, HDMI2, and so on.

MHL, on the other hand, is a growing HD audio/video connectivity standard. This allows mobile devices to transmit 1080p uncompressed video with up to eight channels of digital audio over five pins, while also supporting HDCP content protection. It also means you can power that portable when connected via MHL, as well as control it using the receiver’s remote.

“The 2012 Onkyo AVRs add to the growing MHL ecosystem of DTVs, smartphones and tablets, and are the first to support InstaPrevue technology,” said Alex Chervet, senior director of marketing at Silicon Image. “InstaPrevue technology offers a simple and seamless viewing experience by taking the guesswork out of switching between HDMI sources. With InstaPrevue technology, consumers see a live preview of each active HDMI or MHL input connected to an AVR, making it easier and more intuitive to switch between a Blu-ray Disc player, set-top box, DVD player, game console, MHL-enabled smartphone or other MHL or HDMI-connected devices.”

No further info is available on any of Onkyo’s new receivers just yet. We’re expecting announcements to be made when the company demos InstaPrevue next month at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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