New NAD Stereo Receivers Include USB DAC

New Integrated amp is perfect for improving streaming music quality.


You may love the streaming music from your Sonos, Squeezebox, PC or other digital audio streamer, but those sources only offer a shadow of what the music originally sounded like. NAD’s new C 375DAC and C 356DAC integrated amplifiers includes a built-in 24/96 DAC (digital analog converter) for asynchronous USB-connected devices.

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The units also includes other features previously available on NAD’s Masters Series of components. The C 375DAC delivers 150 watts per channel while the C 356DAC is rated at 80 watts per channel based on NAD’s full-disclosure ratings) at 4-Ohm loads, both channels driven. Both units are based on NAD’s PowerDrive circuit.

Another attraction on these systems is that they’re modular and upgradable. For owners that wish to add a phono module, the C 375DAC comes with a second slot for an optional inboard PP375 Phono Module. C 356DAC owners wishing phono preamp functionality may use an optional outboard PP 2i or PP 3i for the phono functions.

The C 375DAC is $1,600. The C 356DAC is $900

Other features:

• MDC DAC factory installed. Adds digital inputs Replaces DISC Input; select either OPTICAL or USB with slide switch
• Optical S/PDIF Input upgrades the sound of Disc Players or Music Streamers
• Flexible – Asynchronous USB device side input allows direct connection, PC or MAC
• USB compatible – supports 24/96 HD music playback
• High Performance – 24/192 DAC and high quality OPAmps for superior performance
• PowerDrive amplifier technology
• Modular Design Construction (MDC)
• Front panel Media Player (MP) input for attaching portable MP3 Player
• Custom compatible with RS-232 interface and 12 volt trigger output


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