New Hinge Device Hides Home Theater Projector in Rear Wall

Hides projector when not in use.


As the cost and size of video projectors continues to decline, they are becoming an increasingly popular viewing option of people who want a big-screen setup in their homes. The problem many home owners run into is finding a spot for the device. There are several options. A projector can be suspended from the ceiling, tucked into the ceiling on a motorized platform that lowers it into the room, placed on a piece of furniture, or installed behind a wall. The latter is one of the slickest solutions. Placed behind the wall, the projector is virtually undetectable—if it weren’t for the hole that needs to be cut away to allow the lens to shine through.

Future Automation, a manufacturer of unique flat-screen mounting solutions and high-tech automated lifts, has developed a behind-the-wall product that’s a bit more eye appealing than a hole in the wall. The Projector Hinge Mechanism ($4,900) can be customized with a cover to match the wall surface. When the hinge folds down, it reveals the projector; in the up position the panel rests flush with the wall surface—becoming a part of the wall itself.

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The motor which moves the hinge can be operated via handheld remote and integrated into a home control system. The hinge comes in a variety of sizes to fit most makes and models of video projectors. It comes with an enclosed backbox and an internal cable management system, so that the projector assembly looks neat and tidy when the hinge is open.

The mechanism has a depth of 11.8 inches and supports projectors up to 33 pounds, but if that still doesn’t suit your situation, Future Automation can custom design just about anything.


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