New Curved Acoustic Home Theater Screen from Seymor-Screen Excellence

The Absolute screen is available with motorized lateral masking for variable aspect ratios.


Part of the allure of having a large-screen home theater in your house is the ability to be totally immersed in the movie experience. Hiding the speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen heightens this effect. Projecting the image on a curved screen makes it even better. Now Seymour-Screen Excellence has combined both those techniques in the Absolute Acoustically Transparent home theater screen.

The screen’s masking system can be programmed to stop at any aspect ratio from 1.33:1 to 2.37:1. So as to not compromise sound, both the screen and the masking layers are acoustically transparent.

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A curved screen helps to focus more of the projector’s light back to the viewer, but the curve also has an acoustic enhancement by allowing the hidden speakers to be toed in toward the seating position. That’s something that’s hard to do with a flat screen.

The Absolute is available in two screen materials: an ISF-certified .98 gain Enlightor 4K or 1.1 gain Enlightor 2 acoustically transparent screen surface. The 4K material is a woven fabric that makes possible placement of the screen over in-wall loudspeakers (as close as desired) without creating a frequency or phase acoustic effect. You can see an Electronic House review of the Enlightor 4K screen here.

The Absolute is framed by a 3.7-inch wide black true velvet material which absorbs 99.7% of projected light.

The Absolute is available in image widths ranging from 70-inches wide (76-inch diag.) to 170-inches wide (184.5-inch diag.). Featured is a full-perimeter groove tensioning system that locks the screen with a perfectly continuous support. Pricing starts at $12,500 (MSRP).


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