New Apple TV Does 1080p

Improved icon-based navigation


Amid the excitement over the New iPad (don’t call it the iPad 3), was the barely mentioned Apple TV. No this isn’t the iTV or Apple smart television that many people (maybe me included) thought was coming. It’s just an updated version of the earlier Apple TV, but it comes with some welcome updates.

The most important upgrade for home theater fans is the new support for 1080p video. You can get 1080p video from iTunes and other services and enjoy them in all their pixels on a 1080p display.

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Apple TV is also integrated with iTunes in the Cloud. Any content you have in iCloud can be played over your Apple TV. With AirPlay users can stream from another iDevice to their Apple TV.

The improved icon-based interface also looks good and should make browsing content more fun.

Currently there are more than 15,000 movies and 90,000 TV shows in the iTunes store. Apple TV also includes access to NetFlix streaming and sports from MLB, NBA and NHL.

The price of $99 hasn’t changed.

Now who thinks Apple is still working on a TV?


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