Netflix and YouTube are Smart TV Favorites

A new poll suggests that Smart TV owners are fond of the streaming video options.


With more HDTVs adding in connectivity, it’s inevitable that consumers would become fond of certain apps. According to Harris Interactive, streaming video apps are popular with Smart TV owners, as well as those that haven’t made the leap to Smart TV just yet.

In the latest Harris Poll, Netflix topped the list, with 47 percent of Smart TV owners saying that the streaming service is a must-have app. Rounding out the top five is YouTube (44 percent), Amazon Instant Video (34 percent), Facebook (35 percent), and Pandora (28 percent).

Young adults (18 to 35), however, chose YouTube as the number one app, gaining 57 percent of the vote. That was followed by Netflix (54 percent) and Amazon Instant Video (38 percent).

It’s important to note that when you buy a Smart TV or other connected device, there are certain apps that seem to be “regulars.” Netflix, YouTube and Pandora are pretty typical; Amazon Instant Video, Facebook, ESPN, Hulu Plus, and Syfy aren’t — but still managed to snag spots in the top 10. Impressive!

Another interesting tidbit to come out of the Harris Poll is that 73 percent of people without a Smart TV aren’t very familiar with Smart TV content.

“As the TV becomes a more overall entertainment device, it is only a matter of time before we see the mainstream use of additional content apps, such as Facebook, being used on the TV,” said Manny Flores, senior VP of Harris Interactive. “Yet, manufacturers and retailers evidently have to do a much better job of educating their consumers on what a Smart TV is and the benefits of a Smart TV experience. Increased familiarity appears to be the key to driving purchase consideration. Also, manufacturers need to hope that familiarity with smartphone and tablet apps translates into greater interest and adoption for apps that can be used on a bigger screen in the living room.”

The Harris Poll surveyed 2,634 U.S. adults (ages 18 and over) online, between May 7 and May 15, 2012.


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