NAD Pairs Product Trio with Digital Audio

The D 7050 Direct Digital Network Receiver, D 3020 Digital DAC/Amplifier and D 1050 USB 24/192 DAC will ship in July.


The consumer electronics industry keeps pushing digital music. However, we know that there are still a lot of audio purists out there. NAD Electronics is hoping to combine that audiophile quality and today’s music formats with a trio of new products aimed at digital music reproduction.

Modeled after the company’s 3020 amp from the late ’70s, the new D 3020 Digital DAC/Amplifier promises that same amp quality, but when paired with computers and smartphones. It has inputs to accommodate the computer, as well as coaxial and optical devices. Other features include a USB input with an asynchronous mode, Bluetooth aptX support, and power output of 30 watts per channel.

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Next in the new line is the D 7050 Direct Digital Network Receiver. This was made to be paired with a computer or smartphone running iTunes, as well as a home’s WiFi network. From there, you can add in your favorite speakers and have audio almost anywhere in the home. Other features include Direct Digital technology, Apple AirPlay, and support for any UPnP audio content on your home’s network. This one also works with Bluetooth aptX and has a headphone amplifier output. According to NAD, the D 7050 doesn’t have any analog circuits, meaning there’s no noise or distortion issues.

Last in the lineup is the D 1050 USB 24/192 DAC. Designed to put computer audio on any stereo setup, the unit has S/PDIF inputs to support balanced AES/EBU, coaxial and optical connectors. There’s also a USB input, which supports the USB Audio Codec 2.0 allowing 192 kHz signal transmission.

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NAD has priced the D 7050 at $999, with the D 3020 and D 1050 each listed with an MSRP of $499 each. The company is taking pre-orders for each product now, with plans to ship sometime in July.


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