Mozaex Prices Blu-ray Server Under $2K

The ShowStar houses up to 3TB of Blu-rays, DVDs, and other digital content.


It’s easier to organize and access all of your audio and video when everything is stored in one place — even the Blu-rays and DVDs.

We’re not talking about a rack or cabinet, but something like Mozaex’s ShowStar Blu-ray Entertainment Server, which is now shipping.

ShowStar features up to 3TB of storage, so you can pack in Blu-ray, DVD and home movies, CD and online music, photo slideshows and online media. The system uses Mozaex’s own X7 operating system, which boasts a setup and use that’s as easy as a standard Blu-ray player.

Mozaex is hoping to get the ShowStar into more homes with its ease of use, as well as an affordable price. The ShowStar starts at $1,995 for 1TB of storage. A 2TB and a 3TB Blu-ray model are available at $2,495 and $2,995, respectively. There’s also a DVD drive model, which starts at $1,495.

“No other consumer class entertainment server offers this incredible price-to-performance value,” says Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm. “The nearest competition cost thousands of dollars more, requires an unreliable, complicated mechanical plastic disc changer, and doesn’t support photos or online media. Even at these affordable prices, the ShowStar does not compromise on the playback quality of Blu-ray movies and HD photos. Based on NVidia GPUs and PureVideo HD technology, the ShowStar delivers vivid 1080p Blu-ray video quality with crystal clear 7.1 channel surround sound HD Audio.”

To make things nice and legal, the ShowStar doesn’t ship with unlicensed decryption software. If you’re looking to keep the physical media on hand, Mozaex also offers its Cache 100-disc changer for $2,495.

ShowStar supports Contol4, Elan and iPad/iPhone devices. It also comes with its own handheld remote control. Besides iTunes support, ShowStar can also be used as a multiroom system, via an add-on audio/video switch.


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