Morel Starts Shipping Octave 6 Speakers

The new line is available in floor-standing and bookshelf models.


Morel has been inspired — by Morel. The company says that its new Octave 6 speaker series was inspired by the company’s reference speaker, also known as the fat lady.

However, the Octave 6 sings well all on its own. It features a new aesthetic, in both floor-standing and bookshelf models. That includes a gently curved MDF cabinet architecture that’s hand-polished with six layers of lacquer. It’s like a high-gloss piano finish, with near acoustically transparent and stylish Lotus grilles.

The line also has a new vertical baffle with acoustic apertures placed within the enclosure to break up standing waves. Morel says that this allows the cabinet to vibrate along with the drivers’ output in a highly controlled manner for a more open, natural sound.

“The special transducers engineered for the Octave 6 are the heart and soul of the new series,” says Oren Mordechai, Morel’s executive VP. “Based on Morel’s most advanced technology, the new mid-bass unit employs an oversized 3-inch aluminum voice coil over a titanium base, encapsulating our powerful Hybrid motor, while the tweeter features the company’s renowned 1.1 Acuflex soft dome. Borrowed from our reference loudspeaker, the fat lady, the innovative crossover topology preserves the life and dynamics of the original sound like in a live performance.”

Morel says that the Octave 6 series is also designed to be “amplifier friendly,” which means each model works with both tube and solid-state amps.


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