Monster Debuts App-Controlled PowerCenters

Monster's new PRT 100M, PRT 100MC and PRT 300MC allow for remote power management.


Monster is doing the impossible, making power protection a little more interesting. The company just announced the PRT family, a trio of new PowerCenters. However, the hook on these new products is that each one has an app component.

The new line includes the PRT 100M (MSRP: $59.95), PRT 100MC ($69.95) and PRT 300MC (pictured, $119.95). Each one works in conjunction with Monster’s Gateway GTW 100 ($59.95), which is what makes app access possible. Those looking for an instant solution can buy a package, which includes the gateway and the PRT 300MC for $149.95.

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The app in question is the Monster Power Control App. Designed to work with popular smartphones, the app provides on-the-go power monitoring where homeowners can view and manage power consumption and settings. It even allows users to schedule control of connected devices. In other words, if the TV has sucked up its share of energy for the day, you can schedule to have the home entertainment center turn off every night.

If you’re not sure which appliances suck up the most power, the app also provides a peek at power usage dollars over time.

“Everybody is looking for ways to save energy these days. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to save when you can’t even get a clear picture of how much energy the devices in your home are using at any given time,” said Monster’s Noel Lee. “With our new Monster Power Control App and Network Communication Gateway, we’re giving owners of any Monster PowerCenter the opportunity to control virtually any electronic device in their home, from lights and thermostat to audio and video systems, security — even lawn sprinklers. You could even use it to turn on your hot tub while you’re driving home from work on a cold night!”

Monster detailed the PRT 100M by saying that it provides users with a single outlet and 540 joules of fireproof protection that’s backed by a $200,000 connected equipment warranty. The PRT 300MC kicks things up to three outlets, 1080 joules and a $300,000 warranty.


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