Monitor Audio Shadow Speakers Hug The Walls

The new Shadow series speakers are thin and easy to mount for a clean, low-profile home theater.


The new Monitor Audio Shadow 25 Speakers

Monitor Audio’s new on-wall series is so discreet-looking, the company calls it the Shadow series. They’re black, they’re thin and they hug the wall, so yes, Shadow fits.

But shadows are also pretty quiet. Judging by the specs of these speakers, I’m going to bet they make some noise.

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Each speaker is only 1.5 inches thick, is constructed of extruded aluminum and mounts easily around or under your sleek new flat-panel TV. They feature 4-inch bass-midrange drivers with RDT sandwich diaphragms in a unique concertina driver suspension arrangement. Additional 4-inch ABR drivers provide substantial bass. The 1-inch tweeters feature a rear venting chamber. No additional bracket is required for mounting, so you get a clean flat look easily.

The 60-inch Shadow 60s cost $1,649/pair, while the smaller Shadow 50s go for $1,449/pair. The Shadow 25 surrounds cost $849/pair, and a center sells for $799.


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