Monitor Audio New In-wall Subwoofer Brings Boom to Your Home Theater Room

The new design combines the IWS-10 subwoofer driver, the IWA-250 amplifier and the IWB-10 back box.

The IWS-10 subwoofer driver.

A home theater subwoofer doesn’t always have to stick out like a sore thumb. Like any other speaker for your theater or media room, there are plenty of in-wall subwoofer options. The latest from Monitor Audio goes beyond just sticking a speaker cabinet into the wall. It’s more of a complete system.

Monitor Audio’s new in-wall subwoofer design is an amalgam of the IWS-10 subwoofer driver, the IWA-250 amplifier, and the IWB-10 back box. The end result allows for “controlled” bass inside the walls, whether you have a new or retrofit installation.

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The IWS-10 subwoofer driver is a rigid, flat 10-inch surface, with 3/8-inch RDT material. It also features Rigid Diaphragm Technology, with two layers of C-CAM alloy bonded to a honeycomb Nomex core. This boasts an extremely agile piston that’s resistant to bending and light enough to deliver an accurate bass response — even through a shallow 81mm profile. It also has a large vented pole to keep the air moving.

Despite Monitor Audio talking up the IWB-10 back box, the IWS-10 doesn’t really need it. That makes for even more retrofit possibilities. There are perks to the back box, though, including Monitor Audio’s patented Tri-grip clamping system and the aforementioned controlled performance. That’s because it’s sturdy, built with MDF and laminated with a black Sandex vinyl finish.

Once installed, the IWS-10 does have a trim-less grille and frame edge that are paintable, so you can blend it into almost any decor.

Rounding out the setup is the IWA-250 switch mode amplifier, which offers a lot of power in a slim 1U rack mount case. Promising up to 250 watts into 4 ohms, the IWA-250 can power one or two IWS-10s and switch on automatically using input signal sensing or via a 12-volt trigger with your AVR, TV or system remote. Other features include a Class D power stage driven by a PWM with integrated DSP and an EQ switch, as well as single LFE, balanced XLR and stereo RCA inputs and push-type terminals for outputting to a pair of IWS-10 drivers.

Monitor Audio is selling each piece individually now. The IWS-10 has an MSRP of $500 each, with the IWB-10 priced at $250 and the IWA-250 available for $500.

Monitor Audio’s IWA-250 amplifier.

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