Monitor Audio Debuts 10 Speakers for CP Trimless Series

All 10 models feature integrated fully sealed back boxes, with prices starting at $265.

Sometimes when the music starts playing, you may a hard time staying in control. Your speakers, on the other hand, should be a totally different story.

Monitor Audio is looking to tame that music with a little something from the company’s CP Trimless Series. The CP stands for “Controlled Performance.” Promising high-performance audio in just about any environment, there are 10 new speakers to choose from. Each one has integrated fully sealed back boxes, trimless bezels and super-discreet paintable magnetic grilles. The lineup includes eight two-way models and two three-way designs. Both in-ceiling and in-wall models are available, with each one packing in Monitor’s 1-inch Gold C-CAM dome tweeter. All 10 are also sold separately.

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The entry-level CPWT 150 and CPCT 150 in-wall and in-ceiling models have a 5-inch MMPII bass driver, a high-frequency level adjustment (+3dB/0dB/-3dB), and a pivoting C-CAM tweeter. The CPCT 150 is priced at $265 each, with the CPWT 150 coming in at $325.

Using C-CAM drivers, the CPWT 260 and the CPCT 260 boast a wider, more detailed performance, thanks to the pivoting C-CAM tweeter, a 6.5-inch C-CAM bass driver, and a high-frequency level adjustment. The CPCT 260 has an MSRP of $375, with the CPWT 260 coming in at $425.

Both the CPWT 140-LCR and the CPWT 240-LCR are designed as multi-purpose LCR speakers. That basically means that each one can be used in portrait or landscape orientations as a dedicated center-channel speaker, as well as on the left or right. The 140 has two 4-inch MMPII drivers and a C-CAM tweeter, with the 240 bumping that up to 4-inch C-CAM drivers. Other features include a 6.5-inch bass driver and a high-frequency level adjustment, with the 240 adding in boundary compensation as well. The CPWT 140-LCR and CPWT 240-LCR are available now, priced at $425 and $500, respectively.

Next up are the CPWT 380 and CPCT 380 models, which have 8-inch C-CAM bass drivers with the same Rigid Surface Technology (RST) cone surfaces that Monitor uses in some of its speakers. Other features include a pivoting C-CAM tweeter, as well as in-room high-frequency and boundary compensation controls. Expect the CPCT 380 to be priced at $550, with the CPWT 380 listed at $625.

The last in the new CP lineup are the three-way CPWT 380-IDC and the CPCT 380-IDC. Each one has a pivoting Inverted Dual Concentric (IDC) midrange/tweeter module and an 8-inch RST C-CAM bass driver. That ICD module packs in a 4-inch C-CAM inverted midrange driver and a 1-inch C-CAM gold dome tweeter. Also worth noting is that the entire mid/tweeter unit can be pivoted and directed towards the listening space. Monitor is pricing the CPCT 380IDC at $850, while the CPWT 380IDC has an MSRP of $900.

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