M&K Sound Blasts Out S300 Loudspeaker Series

The lineup will launch with the S-300 LCR, S-300T tripole and MP-300 on-wall speakers.

It’s Monday, so most people are crawling into the week. However, M&K Sound is ready to rock it, thanks to the newly announced S300 Series.

The S300 Series is a new line of reference loudspeakers. Based on what the company has built with the S150, this new line comes boasting larger enclosures and custom designed drivers. Featuring a recommended power of 25 to 500 watts, the S300 also has a frequency response of 60Hz to 25kHz (±3dB), 4 ohms impedance, and a black satin finish for each speaker.

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M&K says that the line will launch with the S-300 LCR, the S-300T tripole and the MP-300 on-wall speakers. Both in-wall and powered versions will come at a later date.

“How to improve an audio icon, like the S150? During the past years, sound has reached new dimensions. New audio formats, high-definition sound combined with the requirements from our critical professional users, have led us to the all-new state-of-the-art S300 Series,” the company said a statement. “The S300 Series is built to perfection and in order to ensure our unique high level of quality, we have decided to have the whole range manufactured in Denmark. The S300 Series is also the first ever M&K Sound product to carry our new reference logo Miller & Kreisel. With the S300 Series, we’ll introduce the next dimension for the future of home cinema and music systems.”

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