Mitsubishi LaserVue TV Most Energy Efficient

Mitsubishi’s 75-inch laser TV was recently given the Most Efficient Energy STAR designation for 2012


Q: How can one of the biggest TVs on the market also be one of the most energy efficient?

A: Lasers!

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Mitsubishi’s 75-inch LaserVue DLP TV was recently given the Most Efficient Energy STAR designation for 2012 for TVs 55-inches or larger—and 75 is a lot larger than 55.

In case you hadn’t heard, the LaserVue TVs use a laser-based light source rather an a traditional projection lamp (or LEDs or CCFLs used by LCD TVs). Because of its efficient light engine, it operates as less than 85 watts. Current Energy STAR 5.3 requirement is 108 watts.

Beside using only a trickle of power, the model L75-A94 delivers rich, deep colors, offers 120 Hz video process, a full suite of smart TV streaming media features, built-in Wi-Fi, ISF video adjustments and active-shutter glasses 3D TV capability.

While it’s not a flat panel TV (it’s 15-inches deep), it’s priced competitively for its size, so if you’ve got the space for it, this rear projection DLP is a good option for family rooms and home theaters.

In fact, you can find it on Amazon now for $4,549 (sold by Mitsubishi). Another thing about the laser lamp—it should essentially last forever.


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