Meridian Updates CD Player, Controller, DSP7200 Speakers

British audio manufacturer delivers upgrades to some of its vaunted products, including one of its active speaker lines and reference CD player.


Meridian is one of the top authorities on digital audio in the entire world of consumer electronics. Adding to its digital arsenal, the British manufacturer recently announced updates for its flagship 800 Series components and its 7200 Series loudspeakers.

Meridian outlines the updates:

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  • 808 Signature Reference CD Player: The latest revisions to its 808 CD player includes the implementation of new technologies and upgraded internal components. The new 808 CD player also features a plate that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the CD format and it includes signatures from Meridian co-founders Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd.
  • 861 Reference Digital Surround Controller: Among the features that Meridian has addressed with its top-of-the-line surround-sound controller include options such as the ability to adjust center-channel image height in conjunction with the company’s DSP7200 floorstanding speaker.
  • DSP7200 Digital Active Loudspeaker & DSP7200 HC Horizontal Center: Meridian first introduced its DSP7200 back in 2007 and now several years later the British manufacturer says that it is implementing its latest developments in DSP technologies to bolster the speakers through new music modes, as well as a psychoacoustic-based option called Center Elevation that allows for the adjustment of image height while the system is being used in its home theater processing modes.

And if you already own one of the products, Meridian is supporting you by offering an upgrade program. It requires dealer assistance, as Meridian explains the upgrade requires software updates and hardware improvements that are headlined by electronic modifications and driver replacements. To learn more about the existing product owner upgrade program click here.


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