Meridian Adds 3D Support to HD621 Processor

Meridian Audio has announced firmware to make this HDMI processor 3D-capable.


Meridian first announced its HD621 HDMI Audio Processor back in 2009. Now they are looking to make that product new again, with a firmware update.

The company just announced plans to release the firmware, which adds 3D support to the HD621.

Know how HDMI carries audio and video over one cable? The HD621 separates them again, promising pristine audio to a Meridian system. It also feeds video to your display over a single cable, so no extra switching is needed.

Now the firmware will add 3D into the mix. Other HD621 features include up- and down-sampling and FIFO buffering technology to take out the jitter.

New HD621 HDMI Audio Processors will ship with the firmware already installed. If you’re an existing firmware HD621, contact your retailer or installer to get the goodies.


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