McIntosh Marks a Milestone with Limited MC275 Tube Amplifier

To celebrate the product's anniversary, the company will put a few new spins on the 1961 classic.


McIntosh knows how to a get a party started. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MC275 Amplifier, the company is planning to release a limited-edition version of the product.

The 50th Anniversary Limited Edition McIntosh MC275 tube power amplifier will have an updated gold-toned chassis and comes with a commemorative book and special packaging. It also has the cool, classic 1961 tube circuit design of the original, which oozes quality sound.

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To update the classic a bit, McIntosh has added a multi-colored LED display to indicate different levels of activity. There’s also a High Speed Sentry Monitor circuit that can automatically turn the amp off in case one of the tubes wears out. Once the tube is replaced, it’s back to (audio) business.

One major first for this MC275 is a power control input and output. That means that on-off operation can be controlled through any connected McIntosh preamp or processor.

“In 1961, McIntosh reinvented the art and science of quality music reproduction with the debut of its original MC275 tube power amplifier. Since then, this legendary amp has continued to evolve, and set new standards for quality, musicality and reliability. Amazingly, even after 50 years, many of the very first MC275 amps are still in use and prized by their owners today,” said Linda Passaro, VP of sales and marketing for McIntosh Global. “Our new Limited Edition amp celebrates the original for everything it is — and everything it has meant to generations of McIntosh customers for ‘bringing their music to life.’ This is truly a golden anniversary for the MC275, and years from now, music lovers who purchase a Limited Edition model will still be enjoying their investment in great sound!”

There’s no word on exactly how many of these that McIntosh intends to produce. However, bragging rights (and the amp, of course) will cost you $6,500. McIntosh says that they will start selling the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition McIntosh MC275 tube power amplifier in December.


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