McIntosh Launches Luxury Lifestyle Website

The new website guides visitors through audio and the "McIntosh experience."


McIntosh Laboratory is ending the week on a high note — and with a new and improved website. The audio company has re-launched its website, with a focus on the “luxury lifestyle.”

Of course, the site is geared towards McIntosh and McIntosh products. However, the company wants to put those products in familiar, attractive settings to show just how the products will enhance your audio and your life.

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“The goal of our newly designed global website is to reach out to a new audience and invite everyone who truly loves music to experience McIntosh, whether they are just beginning to explore the pleasures of ultimate-quality high-end listening or have been passionate McIntosh supporters for years, says Charlie Randall, McIntosh’s president. “We believe the keys to achieving this goal are accessibility, information and experience both online and in-store. McIntosh has always offered the kind of no-compromise music listening worthy of the most discerning customer and the most refined tastes — with our new site, we are offering the McIntosh experience in a more approachable way than ever before.”

McIntosh says that the new site will demystify the need for a quality listening experience. Other features include a peek at McIntosh’s contributions to the music world, interviews with famous “brand ambassadors,” wishlists, a dealer locator, and a spot to download the new McIntosh AP1 Audio Player for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

The site also boasts advanced search capabilities geared towards both the hardcore audiophile as well as newbies. If you can’t find something or just don’t understand it, McIntosh has a new Ask an Expert section.

McIntosh’s new website is currently available in English. The company plans to launch in seven other languages over the next two months.


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