Mass Fidelity Debuts Cloud-Based Streaming Device

The Relay can connect all of your portables to any existing stereo system.


Mass Fidelity wants to get in between you and your hi-fi system. At least, they want to get in between your smartphone, tablet or other portable and your hi-fi system.

The Canadian-based start-up just launched the Relay, a cloud-based wireless receiver that will connect all of your smart devices to your existing stereo setup. According to the company, the Relay is compatible with anything that supports Bluetooth, including smartphones, tablets and even your laptop. Also, it’s insanely easy to set up.

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Just plug the device into any AUX input on any sound system. Then, plug the Relay box into a nearby outlet. From there, push the button on the back of the device. Within 30 seconds, you should be ready to rock — literally. It’s virtually impossible to mess up and no WiFi is needed.

Once that process is complete, you can start streaming sound from your device of choice. The Relay works with both stored music files and streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. Whatever you can tap into on your portable can be relayed through the Relay.

Mass Fidelity says that this box is great for gatherings, allowing anyone with a Bluetooth-enabled device to play DJ. The company has yet to announce when the Relay will be ready to join the party. However, it’s expected to come packing an MSRP of $199.


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