Mansion with Home Theater for Sale

A $50 million mansion with a $1,000,000 theater is a bargain.


While one person’s dream goes on the market, another may make his or hers come true. WBSTV in Georgia reported on a $50 million Cummings mansion which is now in foreclosure and offered up at $17 million.

The mansion, reported to have been completed in 2006 and built by Jerry Bonner Custom Homes and architect Norman Askins, is 47,000 square feet and includes a lake, two elevators, nine full baths (and 11 half), a gym, diner and a bowling alley.

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Of interest to Electronic House, however, is the 28-seat home cinema, which, says the article, cost over 1,000,000 to build. Apparently the theater was modeled after Atlanta’s Fox theater .

Check out our slide show for images of the impressive home theater.

If you’re interesting in buying Le Reve (the home’s name), you can check out the real estate listing here.


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