M-GO and Samsung Team Up for Streaming 4K VOD

The streaming video-on-demand service is currently an exclusive to Samsung UHD owners.

Samsung is looking to become the 4K Ultra HD TV to get — if you actually want some 4K content to go with it. Just last week, DIRECTV announced plans to launch its 4K video-on-demand service exclusively on Samsung 4K TVs. Now, the manufacturer is launching its own VOD service in conjunction with M-GO.

M-GO is a joint venture between Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation. The new service will be the first UHD transactional VOD streaming service to launch in the U.S.

M-GO 4K Ultra HD will launch with several titles, but the service plans to have 100 movies and TV shows available by the end of 2014 — so in about a month. All of the 4K content will be priced $1 to $2 more than HD rentals, with purchases going for $3 to $5 more than their HD counterparts.

A quick search for “4K” on the M-GO website found seven titles, including X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Other Woman, The Book Thief, Life of Pi, Big, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Edward Scissorhands.

“The image quality of M-GO 4K Ultra HD content delivered through Samsung’s market leading UHD TVs will truly impress viewers with unprecedented picture quality,” said M-GO COO Christophe Louvion. “Our close collaboration with Samsung allows us to be first to deliver a best in class streaming experience for movie buffs and TV lovers on Samsung’s new Ultra High Definition TVs.”

M-GO 4K Ultra HD will be available across Samsung’s line of UHD TVs.

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