LG to Start Streaming Netflix in 4K

The newly announced webOS Smart TV platform will be available on LG’s 2014 Ultra HD lineup.

One of the biggest complaints about Ultra HD TV is that there’s not a lot of actual 4K content to be had — at least not for the masses.

Of course, Sony customers have the 4K Ultra HD Media Player, also known as the FMP-X1. Now, it looks like LG customers will be getting… Netflix.

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LG Electronics just announced the new webOS Smart TV platform, which will support for 4K streaming from Netflix. It will be available on select 2014 LG TVs.

Netflix is been talking up 4K streaming for a while. At CES, the company confirmed its 4K plans, saying that the second season of the popular drama House of Cards will start streaming in 4K sometime later this year.

And it looks like it will be streaming to LG Ultra HD TVs — at least to start. All 12 of LG’s new 4K TVs will have that webOS platform, which includes a built-in 4K HEVC 60p decoder. That will allow each TV to decode H.264 and HEVC H.265 formats, in 30p or 60p.

Other webOS features include Live Menu, which can put content and other information, such as TV recommendations, search features, and previously viewed programs, right on the TV screen.

“As the world’s leading Internet TV network, Netflix will be among the first to deliver Ultra HD 4K to consumers,” said Reed Hastings, president and CEO of Netflix. “Streaming will be the primary way consumers receive Ultra HD 4K and we are excited to be working with LG to make this a reality later this year.”

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