LG To Show Google TV with Passive 3D at CES

Will LG be one of many companies launching Google TVs this year?


It’s great when rumors actually pan out—then you don’t look like a trouble-making fool.

As expected, LG has announced that it will indeed show a smart TV with Google TV inside at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Google TV launched in the second half of 2010, but stumbled due to content issues, an awkward interface and the high price (for the stand-alone Logitech Revue). Sony continued to offer an integrated Google TV through 2011, but support from other manufactures didn’t develop.

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In 2011 Google upgraded the system, improved the interface and apparently signed on new manufacturing partners, namely LG.

The new model will include the Google TV platform built into a CINEMA 3D TV that uses LG’s FPR passive glasses technology. Also included will be a Magic Remote Qwerty—a remote that combines the features of LG’s Wii-like remote and a QWERTY keyboard to make use of social media and other web features easier. The system allows for multitasking, so users can tweet or browser the web while watching TV.

The platform will include many familiar apps such as Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and others, plus a full web browser.

LG hasn’t said what size the TV will be or how much, but we hope to be able to fill in those details when we see it in action next week.


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