LG Starts Pre-Orders for Smaller 4K TVs in Korea

The new 55- and 65-inch 4K Ultra HD sets will sell for under $10K each.


There are plenty of eye-popping Ultra HD TVs now shipping. However, several smaller options have started to appear, for those of you with a room that’s a lot smaller than your AV budget.

The latest pair is LG’s 55-inch 55LA9700 and 65-inch 65LA9700. The company just started taking pre-orders for both sets, but only in Korea.

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Each TV features IPS (In-Plane Switching) panels, the Magic Remote with voice recognition and control, and LG Cinema 3D, which is the company’s brand of passive 3D technology. Of course, the real hook here is the 3840-by-2150 resolution, which is four times the image that you’re getting with full 1080p HD.

Engadget says that the 55-incher can be had for 7.4 million Won (about $6,541), with the 65-inch model selling for 10.9 million ($9,635). This is on the higher end of what we’ve seen for similar sizes from competing manufacturers. For instance, Sony is currently selling the 55-inch XBR-55X900A for $4,999.99, with the 65-inch XBR-65X900A listing an MSRP of $6,999.99.

Of course, those prices and even the models could change when LG offers such sizes in the U.S. For now, this is an exclusive to Korean shoppers. There’s no word on when those pre-orders will ship, let alone if the same TVs will ever become available elsewhere. If you can’t wait and have the room (and the budget), LG’s 84-inch 84LM9600 is selling now with an MSRP of $19,999.99.

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