LG Offers 3D Package Deal

New packages include Cinema 3D TV plus Blu-ray player and glasses


It’s not holiday shopping time already is it? It must be, because LG just released a package deal I want for Christmas.

All in one box LG is now offering a 55-inch LW5300 3D LED LCD TV with a Blu-ray player and four sets of passive 3D glasses for $1,899 (Hey, LG, toss in four more glasses and you’ve got a deal). Even better, Best Buy is currently cutting the deal down to $1,599.

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Neither the info from LG nor the Best Buy website say anything particular about the Blu-ray player, but the TV we do know. It (and its 47-inch little brother) is a 120Hz LED TV with ISFccc mode, local dimming (via edge backlighting) and built-in Picture Wizard II feature to optimize the image. Unlike its smarter cousin, the LW5600 (read review here), it does not include any online smart TV features. The Best Buy page lists an Ethernet port on the specs, which may refer to the Blu-ray player, so perhaps you can stream Netflix that way (we’ll update when we get a confirmation from LG).

The TV(s) in the offer are part of LG’s Cinema 3D line which produce 3D via passive polarized glasses rather than battery-powered active glasses. The pros and cons of both systems have been thoroughly discussed here, here, and here.

A package based around the 47-inch model carries an MSRP of $1,399 or a Best Buy price (probably subject to change at whim) of $1,099.

Being that this is August, and November is when the real aggressive dealing starts, I expect packages to start including lifetime supplies of popcorn and spilled Pepsi


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