LG Gets First Dibs on Next Google TV Update

The latest upgrade includes new voice and search features.


Google TV is rolling out a slew of updates, and LG is going to be the guinea pig.

LG just announced that they will be the first manufacturer to offer the latest version of Google TV. That basically means that the company’s G2 Series will add voice features and better search to the set’s L9 dual-core chipset and user-friendly interface.

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The Voice Search feature will be available through a button and microphone on LG’s Magic Remote. Supposedly, this type of functionality will help viewers find what they want to watch a lot easier. It makes sense. Barking out “The Walking Dead” is probably a lot easier than trying to remember what channel AMC is on. It even allows you to search by actor or theme.

Google has also changed the TV & Movies app to Google TV PrimeTime. With the new name comes a choice of over 100,000 movies and TV shows, via live TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO and several other on-demand channels. PrimeTime can search through that entire library and provide options of viewing it on live TV or through on-demand or on a website.

Another new feature can pair a user’s smartphone with LG G2 TVs via WiFi. This allows for YouTube streaming from the phone right to the TV — where the performance gets a nice boost via the L9 chipset.

“With this update, Google TV will make search and discovery of great entertainment even faster and easier,” said Mario Queiroz, VP of product management for Google TV. “Combining features like Voice Search and improved browsing with the speed of LG’s G2 Series brings people an even more exciting home experience in the living room.”

Besides the Google TV features, the LG G2 has Cinema 3D technology and access to the OnLive gaming application. Available in 47- and 55-inch sizes, the G2 Series is available now for $1,699.99 and $2,299.99, respectively.


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